Principles of Chiropractic Audio Set on USB (16 Audios)


These audios contain Healing Principles that apply to all Healing Modalities! Price includes USB and postage.


This set of 16 audios by some of our premier Chiropractic Doctors emphasizes Zone Therapy, the principles of which apply to all Healing Modalities! Price includes USB and postage.

PC0001 The Big Idea by Dr Jack Masche
PC0002 Foundation Principles: Attraction and Organization by Dr Jackie Masche
PC0003 Working with theDoctor-Patient Modality by Dr Jack Masche
PC0004 Treat the Whole Person by Dr Michael Fitzgerald
PC0005 Types of Disorders by Dr Lori Deveau
PC0006 Chiropractic and Autosuggestion by Dr Harold Cherney
PC0007 Factors of Personality by Dr Lori Deveau
PC0008 Composite Personality by Dr Jackie Masche
PC0009 The Doctor-Patient Relationship by Dr Dale Kenny
PC0010 The Basic Concept in Healing by Dr Michael Fitzgerald
PC0011 Fleet’s Subluxation Zone Analysis Procedure Dr V L Loofboro
PC0012 Subluxation and Zones 1 and 2 by Dr Michael Fitzgerald
PC0013 Subluxation and Zones 3 and 4 by Dr Dale Kenny
PC0014 Subluxation and Zones 5 and 6 by Dr Harold Cherney
PC0015 Personalities and Patient Management Dr V L Loofboro
PC0016 The Power That Heals by Dr Jackie Masche

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