Balanced Life Concepts for Laypersons & All Healing Modalities Audio Set on USB (31 Audios)


These audios contain Healing Principles that apply to all Healing Modalities! Price includes USB and postage.


This set of 31 audios presented by our premier Teachers and Healers over the years will guide you to a Happier, Healthier, and more Abundant Life! Price includes USB and postage.

BLC0001 Dynamics of Communication by Don Hardy-Holley
BLC0002 Blueprint of a Happy Home by Dr Michael & Lisa Fitzgerald
BLC0003 Goal Setting – Goal Getting by Patti Comforti
BLC0004 Healing and Building Relationships by Ron Zidian
BLC0005 Mastering Your Mind by Dr Jackie Masche
BLC0006 How to Be at Peace in a Chaotic World by Dr Anne Hardy-Holley
BLC0007 A Three Point Approach to Character Building by Emily Mattox
BLC0008 The Power of the Mind Over Matter by Dr Jack Masche
BLC0009 Reading the Body: An Open Book to Personality Dr V L Loofboro
BLC0010 Enhancing Your Business Skills by Char Mattox
BLC0011 Choosing a Health Care Provider by Dr Anne Hardy-Holley
BLC0012 Beyond Survival by Warren McKenney & Patsy Fleet
BLC0014 Realizing Your Three-Fold Nature by Char Mattox
BLC0015 Power of lmagination by Char Mattox
BLC0016 Exploring Your Concepts by Barbara Lynn
BLC0017 De-Hypnotize Yourself from Disease Don Hardy-Holley
BLC0021 Recipe for a Healthy Child by Emily Mattox
BLC0422A What Concept-Therapy Means to Me by Various Speakers
BLC0422B What is Concept-Therapy by Various Speakers
BLC0423 Realizing Your Full Potential by Char Mattox & Chris Nedwed
BLC0424 Managing Your Life Stresses by Donna Green & Warren McKenney
BLC0425 Creating Your Secure Tomorrows Today by Tom Inglet & Vicki Mohr
BLC0426 What Is Concept-Therapy? by Buford Sanders, Donna Green & Tom Inglet
BLC0427 Change Your Concepts, Change Your World by Char Mattox & Patsy Inglet
BLC0428 On Which Side of Life Do You Live? by Donna Green & Buford Sanders
BLC0529 Realize Your Full Potential by Tom & Patsy Inglet
BLC0530A Take the Key with Concept-Therapy (Part 1) by Tom & Patsy Inglet
BLC0530B Take the Key with Concept-Therapy (Part 2) by Tom & Patsy Inglet
BLC0531 LIVE by Bill McKeown
BLC0532 Gratitude, Freedom, and Responsibility by Tom Inglet & Emily Mattox
BLC0633 C-T, A Way of Life by Buford Sanders