This set of 17 Concept-Therapy recommended audios on USB will help you to better understand yourself by listening to the wisdom of some of our master teachers over the years and applying the principles to your life. Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.

ATB0033 President’s Message to the Teachers–George Fleet
BLC0007 A Three Point Approach to Character Building–Emily Mattox
BLC0021 Recipe for a Healthy Child–Emily Mattox
CTR0020 Basic Concept–Tom Inglet
DWS0001 Principles of Self-Improvement–Dr Herbert Dill
DWS0003 Self-Consciousness–Dr Herbert Dill
DWS0004 Laws of Creation–Dr Herbert Dill
DWS0006 Wisdom of the Ages–Emily Mattox
J0171 What Can a Person Expect Who Studies C-T and Understands It?–Dr Thurman Fleet
J0291 Food Secrets, Part 1–Dr Thurman Fleet
J0291A Food Secrets, Part 2–Dr Thurman Fleet
LEL0001 Anger, the Games We Play–Warren McKenney
LEL0006 Think About Thinking–Patsy Inglet
RPW0056 A Higher Awareness, No Healing Without Teaching: Inner Nature and Outer World & Victim or Victor?–Char & Emily Mattox
ST0403 Types of Disorders–Char Mattox
TC0002 Real Purpose of Life–Rev E L Crump
TC0071 Where Do You Find God?–Rev E L Crump

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This Amazing Mix Set 3 (17 audios) is the third and final group of the set of additional audios most recommended by teachers in the field! Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.