This set of 16 Concept-Therapy recommended audios on USB will help you to better understand yourself by listening to the wisdom of some of our master teachers over the years and applying the principles to your life. Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.

0921 Using the Health Image Charts–Emily Mattox
0922 Principles of Inductive and Deductive Reasoning–Char Mattox
0972 Different Dimensions of Love–Emily Mattox
1009 Putting the Laws to Work–Emily Mattox
1022 Uses and Abuses of Suggestion–Char Mattox
1100 I’ve Got Rhythm–Emily Mattox
1106 Creating Your Tomorrows Today–Char Mattox
1109 If All Else Fails, Read the Directions–Pat Compton
1126 November: A Special Month for Thinkers and Seekers–Emily Mattox
1226T Attaining Health, Happiness, Success, and Peace as a Unit–Char Mattox
1227T Applying Concept-Therapy in the Home & in Education–Emily Mattox & Doris Pedersen
1350 Is This Garden Organic? & The Fertile Garden–Emily & Char Mattox
1356 Innate – The Great Co-Pilot–Dr Michael Fitzgerald
1376 The Light of Reason–Emily Mattox
1387 Out of the Darkness–Char Mattox
1412 The Sayings of the Sages–Char Mattox

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This Amazing Mix Set 2 (16 audios) is the second group of the set of additional audios most recommended by teachers in the field: Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.