48th International “On-The-Beam” Club Convention



The 48th International “On-The-Beam” Club Convention will be held July 18 – 21, 2024, at the international Beamer home, the beautiful Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch!

Your IOTBC Officers are hard at work planning a terrific convention for YOU! The theme of the convention is “The Power of PURPOSE.”

Come enjoy talks on this theme from experienced teachers and dedicated Beamers and Pathseekers.  Meet with Beamers from all over the world and form life-long friendships with like-minded people.

When a large number of Beamers gather, all dedicated to living a higher life, there is a vibration created that is felt by all. Some describe it as uplifting, others call it a natural high. Some call it a taste of Heaven, or perhaps a peek into the Fourth Dimension.

Special events include a SLUMP Thursday night, a rededication of the revitalized Pathseeker Paradise and a Banquet and Dance Saturday night.
Thursday will be the Pathseeker Convention, as well as meetings for teachers, healers and doctors, and Club officers. Beamer Convention begins Friday morning.

All of this for the low registration fees of:

  • Regular Registration: $349.00 for the first member of a family and $249.00 each additional member.
  • Children Registration: 12 and under $129.00 for each additional member.
  • Banquet tickets will be included in the registration with additional tickets for purchase by those not registered.
  • Meals will be decided later and billed in addition/separately, for an extra charge/fee.

Call CTI now at 210-698-2254 to reserve lodging and to make your advanced registration! Accept this Image, make your plan to attend and anticipate the joy of spending time in growth and relaxation with your Beamer family!

“Following the tradition of all past International “On-The-Beam” Club Conventions being open to non-Beamers, as a way of interesting them in Concept-Therapy, we want to make sure you know that you, as a member, may invite an interested non-Beamer to accompany you to the Convention this July.  What a great way to share what you value with a friend or loved one.

For easy Guest Registration, please have your guest call CTI at (210) 698-2254, and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist them!

Having trouble registering? Please call the office at 210-698-2254


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