1983 Rays of the Dawn Talks Audio Set on USB (11 Audios)


Rays of the Dawn talks by premier Teachers and Healers of the present day and days gone by.

ROD0001A TheValue of Studying Rays of the Dawn by Dr B F Higdon
ROD0003 Evolution of Rays of the Dawn by Char Mattox
ROD0004 Preface to Rays of the Dawn by Billy Mitchell
ROD0005 Law of Nourishment by Jamie Alexander
ROD0006 Law of Movement by Nina Rippeteau
ROD0007 Law of Recuperation by Lucille Medora
ROD0008 Law of Sanitation by Graydon Love
ROD0009 Fear by Warren McKenney
ROD0010 Faith by Kathy Higdon
ROD0011 Worry by Emily Mattox
ROD0012 Hope by Doris Pedersen


Several of these eleven talks are done by our Pioneer Teachers who are no longer with us and contain jewels of healing principles from all of the Teachers and Healers: