Ranch Powwow Series Audio Set on USB (73 Audios)


The Ranch Powwow Series was recorded between 1995 and 2007, and covers many of the principles taught in Concept-Therapy and Conceptology in a non-specific way. Hearing these audios is the next best thing to taking our classes! Price includes USB and postage.

RPW0001 Fleet: The Man & Birth of an Idea by George T Fleet Jr & Patsy Fleet
RPW0002 Path of Health & Path of Reason by Dr Sally Allen & Dr Brown Hamer
RPW0003 Path of Law & Path of Evolution by Janie Mullis & Rusty Jacob
RPW0004 Profile of the Traveler & Desire vs Attainment by Charles Cade & Anne Gulley
RPW0005 MOs of the Traveler & Traveler’s Aid by Dr Allen Sipes & Jamie Alexander
RPW0006 Companionship Along the Way & Revolution vs Evolution by Dr Anne Hardy-Holley & Carol McCasland
RPW0007 Rhythms of the Path & Freedom and Conviction by Blake Miller & Ted Dearinger
RPW0008 Memories of Dr. Fleet by Mardee & Mary Kay Fleet & Kit Oefinger
RPW0009 Early Days: C-T Student & EarlyDays; C-T Staff & Early Days, C-T Teacher by Dr Sally Allen, Ann Heckman & Opal Downs
RPW0010 Reflections ofa Seasoned Traveler & Concentrate on the Destination by Barbara Lynn & Emily Mattox
RPW0011 Path ofInfinity & The Way of theSeeker by Donna Green & Dr R C Romero
RPW0012 Transition from Traveler to Travel Guide & Path of Wisdom by Pat Compton & Warren McKenney
RPW0013 Path of Dedication & It May Dawn on You by Don Hardy-Holley & Char Mattox
RPW0015 The Unique Individual & Your Expressions by Sally & Dr Brown Hamer
RPW0016 Understanding Your Beliefs & Understanding Your Environment by Chris Nedwed & Pat Compton
RPW0017 An Opportunity for Knowledge by Warren McKenney
RPW0018 Enslavement or Freedom? By Anne Gulley & John Humpal
RPW0019 Creating Healthy Relationships & Secure Your Future by Carol McCasland & Dr R C Romero
RPW0020 Lawful Living by Emily Mattox
RPW0021 Take Responsibility & Know Thyself by Sue Linda Wright & Barbara Lynn
RPW0022 Creating a Life by Patsy Fleet
RPW0023 Creating Health by Char Mattox
RPW0024 A Workable Philosophy of Life by George T Fleet Jr
RPW0025 Introduction & What Is Concept-Therapy? by George T Fleet Jr & Patsy Fleet
RPW0026 The Pitfalls of Life Before Concept-Therapy by Dr Carmen Carlile & Margie Murray
RPW0027 Life Before Awareness of Laws by Bert Black, John Humpal & Chris Nedwed
RPW0028 Life Upon Discovering the Laws by Maxine Braud & Pat Compton
RPW0029 Using the Laws by Mac & Carol McCasland & Patsy Inglet
RPW0030 Living the Laws of Life by Emily Mattox
RPW0031 Lawfully Changing Your Life by Dr Anne & Don Hardy-Holley
RPW0032 Life Operating Under an Image by Jim Piotrowski & Sarah Jones
RPW0033 If Everyone Lived the Laws by Warren McKenney
RPW0034 Our Relationship to Natural Law by Char Mattox
RPW0036 Look at Stress Positively & Bring Pleasure into Your Lifeby George T Fleet Jr & Patsy Inglet
RPW0037 Listen to Your Inner Self & Stop Limiting Your Tomorrow by Bob Lucash & Maxine Braud
RPW0038 Understand the “Full Moon Syndrome” & Limit Envirorunental Effects on Your Emotions by Jim Piotrowski & Cleopatra Searcy
RPW0039 Balance the See-Saw of Life & See the Rainbows by Chris Nedwed & Tom Inglet
RPW003S Welcome and Introduction & Welcome Change in Your Life by Mardee Fleet-Dearinger & Abel Cortinas
RPW0040 Understand “Why Does This Happen to Me?” & Understand “Who Has Chargeof Me?” by Bert & Ann Black
RPW0041 Create a Winning Personality & Create a Winning Lifestyle & Create the Future You Desire by Mary Blanchard, Anne Gulley & Monika Bender
RPW0042 Are You Willing to Be Healthy? By Dr Carmen Carlile & Dr Thaddeus Hedges
RPW0043 Are You the Author of Your Happiness? By Emily Mattox
RPW0044 Are You Putting Limits on Yom Success? By Pat Compton & Barbara Lynn
RPW0045 Is There a Real Potential for Peace? By Char Mattox
RPW0046 Welcome & Prelude to Convention 2004 Healing Consciousness & Powwow Theme: Healing Awareness by Tom & Patsy Inglet, Warren McKenney & Barbara Lynn
RPW0047 No Healing Without Teaching; Learning the Laws that Bring TOTAL Health & Learning to Heal Myself by Mary Jane Howe & Pam Sullivan
RPW0048 Physical Laws of Healing: Nourishment/Sanitation & Movement/Recuperation by Dr Allen Sipes & Dr Thaddeus Hedges
RPW0049 Mental and Spiritual Laws, Part I :Fear & Faith by Bert & Ann Black
RPW0050 Mental and Spiritual Healing, Part 2: Worry & Hope by Carol McCasland & Chris Nedwed
RPW0051 Healing the Whole Person: Keeping Body, Mind, Soul Together & Healing Suggestion by Dr Carmen Carlile & Dr R C Romero
RPW0052 “Speak and Speak Aright;” Who Must Speak for Healing to Begin? & How Are We Speaking to Ourselves? By Tom & Patsy Inglet
RPW0053 Natural Laws: What We Mean by Natural Laws & The Benefits of Living in Harmony with Law by Jim Piotrowski & Anne Mercer-Valentino
RPW0054 Reason and Choice; Change, the Most Basic Principle & What Are We Tuning Into? By Mary Blanchard & Donna Green
RPW0055 Service to Life; The Difference Between Getting and Giving & Love; The Natural Result of a Lawful Life by Pat Holloway & Maxine Braud
RPW0056 A Higher Awareness, No Healing Without Teaching; Inner Nature and Outer World & Victim or Victor? By Char & Emily Mattox
RPW0057 Quest of the Seeking Soul & The Soul Reasons by Barbara Lynn & Patsy Inglet
RPW0058 The Soul Chooses & Things for the Body, Part 1 by Donna Green & Dr Allen Sipes
RPW0059 Things for the Body, Part 2 & Thoughts for the Mind, Part 1 by Dr Thaddeus Hedges & Dr Anne Hardy-Holley
RPW0060 Thoughts for the Mind, Part 2 & Thoughts for the Soul by Peggy Sanders & Susan Buse
RPW0061 Harmony in the Home & Positive Constructive Suggestions by Emily Mattox & Vicki Mohr
RPW0062 Higher Consciousness & Service to Life by Char Mattox & Dr R C Romero
RPW0063 What Attracted Me to C-T by Mary Blanchard, Abel Cortinas, Pat Holloway & Chris Nedwed
RPW0064 Talking Stick Around the Fire: How C-T Has Helped Me by Various Speakers
RPW0065 Welcome & What is a Powwow? The Theme and Symbols by Warren McKenney & Patsy Inglet
RPW0066 Mastering the Emotions: Using RoD & Understanding Urges by Anne Mercer-Valentino & Margie Murray
RPW0067 Choice: Understanding Human Personality by Warren McKenney & Dr Stan Hufford
RPW0068 Faculties: Outer and Inner & Imagination by Bert & Ann Black
RPW0069 Faculties: Perception & Will by Kathy Moan & Mary Hymel
RPW0070 Reason & Intuition by Tom Inglet & Dr Carmen Carlile
RPW0071 Living a Balanced Life by Peggy & Buford Sanders
RPW0072 Law of Attraction by Jim Piotrowski & Emily Mattox
RPW0073 Right Use of Suggestion by Dr Anne & Don Hardy-Holley
RPW0074 Understanding Group Consciousness by Char Mattox


The Ranch Powwow Series was recorded between 1995 and 2007, and covers many of the principles taught in Concept-Therapy and Conceptology in a non-specific way, Hearing these audios is the next best thing to taking our classes!

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