This group of audios covers the broad period of 1963 – 1979 and contains many jewels of insight as Dr Fleet continuously worked on the higher work. You can hear his thought processes as he himself evolves with the work. As you take all the work, you will realize that Dr Fleet had many trials and blind avenues as he attempted to bring his vision in 1931 into being. He struggled to explain to the masses what he knew for certain, and used many approaches to get his Principles of Life across in an understandable form for the average person.

0095 Glimpses of the Higher Work
0096 Journey into Higher Consciousness
0097 Life Is One, Part 1
0097A Life Is One, Part 2
0098 Explanation of Future Plans, Part 1
0099 Explanation of Future Plans, Part 2
0278 Opening Address
0316 One Life (Exoteric)
0317 How to Express the One Life (Exoteric)
0319 A Man Found a Treasure in a Field
0322 Voice of the Seeker
0330 Revitalizing the Whole Man
0339 Surprise Lecture
0701A R Three Aspects Of God–Dr Thurman Fleet
0701B R Way To Live–Dr Thurman Fleet
0702A Preliminary to Phase 7 ( Part 1)
0702B Preliminary to Phase 7 (Part 2)
0703A Road to Cosmic Consciousness
0703B Toward the Goal of Unity
0704 Dedication, Why?
0705A Lift Off into Orbit
0705B Above the Pull of the Third Dimension
0706 Final Message Before Convention
0707A Correct Starting Point for a Thinker
0707B Fourth Dimensional Precepts (1972 Ranch Lecture) Dr. Thurman Fleet
0708 Master the Evil Emotions
0709A Use Your God-Given Reason
0709B The High Road
0710 Karma
0711 Gain Freedom
0712 Fourth-Dimensional Viewpoint
0713 Cellar to Garret
0714 The Future
0715 Funny Face
0717 Message to Phase 7 Graduates
0718 The Alpha and Omega for Phase 7
0719A Civic Center Dedication, Part 1
0720 Daisy and Think
0722A On the Road to Eternity, Part 1
0722B On the Road to Eternity, Part 2
0723A Voice Calling Out of the Void
0724A Explanation of Metaphysical Theory
0724B Explanation of Scientific Truth
0725A Dawn Appears
0725B Coming of the Light
0726A Difference Between Third and Fourth Dimensions
0726B Proper Use of the Law of Relativity
0728 Building Dimensions of Knowledge
0732A How to Use Cosmic Power, Part 1
0732B How to Use Cosmic Power, Part 2
0733A Out of Chaos
0734A An Idea Whose Time Has Come
0735 The Cosmic Route Explained
0736A Oneness, Part 1
0736B Oneness, Part 2
0737A Glimpses of Two Lessons in Cosmic Principles 2, Part 1
0737B Glimpses of Cosmic Principles 2, Part 2
0738A Deductive Reasoning on Christianity
0738B Inductive Reasoning on Christianity
0740 President’s Reception @ 1976 Convention
0741 Way Up on the Path
0743A The Need to Create Fourth-Dimensional Brain Cells
0743B Difference Between Third- and Fourth-Dimensional Reasoning
0744A Why We Teach Concept-Therapy
0744B Explanation of Concept-Therapy to Joe Doe
0745A Chiropractic Approach to Psychosomatic and Poisoned Conditions
0745B Faith: The Basis for Cure
0747 Basis for Correct Thinking
0768 The Lost Truth
0777B Dr. Dill’s Memorial
0821 Taped Message
0823 Convention Message
0842 Message to Convention Speakers
0869 A New Age Is Here
0870 “Unpublished” 22 Minutes
0871 Ark of Truth
0875 Original Explanation of Laws of LIfe
0879 Living on Borrowed Time
0880 Black and White Forces
0884 Glimpses of the Fourth Dimension
0900A Instructions on Symbolism
0934A Concept-Therapy Summary (Part1)
0934B Concept-Therapy Summary (Part 2)
0934C Concept-Therapy Summary (Part 3)
0969 Eternal Principles
PS0059 A Special Taped Message
PS012 Conscious Life After Death–Dr Thurman Fleet
TC0001 Great Need for Teachers
TC0006 A Vision of the Future
TC0018 Advertising Program by the Institute
TC0023 Policy Booklet, Information on AST
TC0065 Great Potential Future in Teaching
TC0087 Eternal Principles

This is a MUST for all sincere students of this work!

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