Evolution of the Soul Book and Audio Download Set


The book was created after the great success of the 1953 IOTBC Convention. Read the symbolic story of an individual’s journey in consciousness from having limited consciousness to expanding into the higher Cosmic Consciousness. Dive deeper into your studies of the EOS and enjoy listening to special audios that correlate to the Evolution of the Soul!

EV01 Depicting The Life Of A Soul
EV02 The Climb Up The Ladder Out Of Pit
EV03 Reaching The Symbolic Tree Of Know
EV04 Walking The First Steps And Second
EV05 Walking The Path Of Attainment
EV06 Spiritual Phase Of Life One Life
EV07 Two Aspects Of Life Many And One
EV08 Renunciation Of The Carnal Phase
EV09 Finding The Temple Of Wisdom
EV10 In Service To The One

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