All 23 of the Concept-Therapy class-referenced audios at a great price! Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.
0137 Law of Polarity–Dr Thurman Fleet
0140 Law of Gender–Dr Thurman Fleet
0167 Laws That Govern the Universe–Dr Thurman Fleet
0833 Law of Cause and Effect–Char Mattox
0868 Energy as Applied in Concept-Therapy–Char Mattox
1021 The Mirror of Your Imagination–Barbara Lynn
1129 Man’s Relation to Natural Law–Barbara Lynn
1235 “OTB” in Creating a Correct Image–Vicki Mohr & Al Ferrara
1270 ROD: The Basis of Life–Kathy Higdon
1288 The Law of Gender–Barbara Lynn
BT0011 Animal Phase–Barbara Lynn
BT0049 Animal Phase–Emily Mattox
BT0062 Basic Concept–Emily Mattox
BT9327 Basic Concept–Pat Compton
CX0006 The Body & Factors of Personality–Dr Conrad Schenk
DTTC0042 Laws Governing Change of Concepts (Part 2)–Kathy Higdon
DWS0002 Know Thyself–Dr Herbert Dill
J0194 Principles of Suggestive Therapy–Dr Thurman Fleet
J0243 Cause of Disease–Dr Thurman Fleet
MPC0008 Composite Personality–Dr Thurman Fleet
SFTTC0013 Laws Governing the Change of Concepts–Rev E L Crump
TC0064 Universal Laws (Polarity, Rhythm, C/E, Gender), Supplemental–Rev E L Crump
WR0054 Natural Laws and Their Relation to Health and Disease–Barbara Lynn

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These audios are referenced during the presentation of a Concept Therapy International Concept-Therapy class. Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.