These sets of Concept-Therapy recommended downloadable audios will help you to better understand yourself by listening to the wisdom of some of our master teachers over the years and applying the principles to your life. Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.

0011 Man’s Armor in a World of Chaos–Dr Thurman Fleet
0089 What We Teach–Dr Thurman Fleet
0125 The Thinker–Dr Thurman Fleet
0126 Soul Rebels–Dr Thurman Fleet
0222 Manifestation of the”X”–Dr O W Whittenburg
0304 Diamonds of Conceptology Phase 1–Rev E L Crump
0332 The Unknown Factor–Rev E L Crump
0708 Master the Evil Emotions–Dr Thurman Fleet
0739A Human Personality in Relation To Health, Part 1–Dr Herbert Dill
0739B Human Personaility in Relation to Health, Part 2–Dr Herbert Dill
0746A Thoughts on Evolution of Self-Consciousness–Emily Mattox
0746B Thoughts on Evolution of Self-Consciousness (Cont’d)–Emily Mattox
0750 The Composite, Imaging, and Harmony–Dr Herbert Dill
0752 Self-Mastery and Proper Procedure for Club Study–Dr Herbert Dill
0756 Suggestions to Improve Club Study–Dr Herbert Dill
0862 Adaptive Responses to Life–Emily Mattox
0885 Informative Lecture–Char Mattox & Alice Masin
0911 Working an Image into a Concept–Emily Mattox

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This Amazing Mix Set 1 (18 audios) is the first group of the set of additional audios most recommended by teachers in the field: Prerequisite: Must have taken this class before purchasing audios.