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This humongous collection of Dr Fleet talks contains all of the preceding Dr Fleet collections at the best price imaginable. This is the largest and most affordable offering we have ever made outside of the entire CTI library. Only Dr Fleet’s complete class recordings have been withheld, and they are all available in the CTI class graduates recommended lists.

THE EARLY DAYS 1954 – 1962 (91 AUDIOS)
0000 Illumination
0001A Explanation of Instruction
0001B Astral Plane
0003A Instruction in the Temple of Wisdom
0005 Three Forms of Matter and Three Worlds
0007 Awareness
0007A Actor 0n the Stage of the One Life
0010 General Message
0010A Spirit Admonishes Dr. Fleet
0011 Man’s Armor in a World of Chaos
0012 Simple Explanation of C-T and Conceptology
0012A New Truths from Phase 5
0015A Preview to Phase 5
0016 Greeting to Ranch Newcomers
0016A Two Planes of Life SLUMP
0017 Re: Cosmopolitan Magazine
0017A Bhagavad Gita
0018 Lifting the Veil
0018A Lifting the Veil Part 2
0019 Lower and Higher Paths
0019A Basic Principles Explanation
0020 “Thirty”
0021 Special Tape on Marriage
0024 Twenty-Minute Message
0033 New Things to Come to AST
0033A More About Phase 5
0040 The Power We Deal With
0044A Visiting Beamers at AST
0051 Purpose of Life, Part 1
0051A Purpose of Life, Part 2
0053 Further Enlightenment on Phase 5
0053 Further Enlightenment on Phase 5 by Dr Fleet
0060 Path of Attainment
0074 Why Phase 5 Will Overcome Confusion
0075 This Thing We Call Power
0085 Spiritual Knowledge, Part 1
0086 Spiritual Knowledge, Part 2
0089 What We Teach
0125 The Thinker
0126 Soul Rebels
0127 Soul Studies the Expression of the “X”
0128 Soul Arrives at an Understanding of the “X”
0129 Soul Analyzes Good and Bad
0132 Explanation of SLUMP by Dr Fleet
0133 The 4th Phase Orchestra SLUMP by Dr Fleet
0135 Law of Aspiration
0136 Law of Faith
0137 Law of Polarity
0138 The Unknown
0139 Law of Love
0140 Law of Gender
0141 Energy
0142 Explaining the “X” as Energy
0143 Expression of the “X”
0145 Reign of Law
0146 Proper Attitude of a C-T Student in Regard to Inspiration, Revelation, and Observation
0147 Religion
0148 The “X”
0150 Reflective and Intuitive Powers of the Mind
0151 Presentative and Representative Powers
0152 Faculties of the Mind
0153 Soul Inquires as to the First Cause
0154 A New Understanding of Life
0157 Inner Worlds
0158 Fact, Theory, and Fantasy
0159 Reincarnation
0160 Inner Realm
0161 Law of Vibration
0162 Divine Power
0163 Subconscious Mind
0164 Becoming of the Body
0179 Extra Advanced Knowledge of the Soul
0180 Informative Lecture for Visitors’ Night
0181 Is There Life After Death?
0236 Confusion vs Peace
0245 Coordinating Body, Mind, and Soul Under Law
0247 An Approach to Wisdom
0260 Explanation of Program
0261 The Seeker
0266 Entering the Storm
0272 Entering Cosmic Knowledge
0275 Evolution
CX0001 Creation of the World & Electronic and Mineral Phases
CX0002 Vegetable Phase & Animal Phase
CX0004 Evolution of Consciousness & Spirit
CX0007 Composite Personality
CX0008 Basic Concept
CX0010 Becoming of the Faculties
CX0011 Laws Governing the Change of Concepts
CX0012 Natural Laws
CX0015 Universal Laws (Part 1)

0100 Opening Speech to Class
0101 Confusion in the Healing Arts
0102 Concept-Therapy Procedure
0104 Philosophy of Concept-Therapy
0105 Muscles in Health and Disease
0106 How to Give a Healing Concept
0107 The Missing Link in the Healing Arts
0108 Mental Healing Separated from Metaphysics
0109 Analysis of Mental Factors
0111 Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapeutics
0112 Word and Free Association Test Procedures
0113 Questions To Uncover Hidden Concepts
0114 Factors Which Cause Frustration
0115 How You Can Become a Psychiatrist
0116 Three Planes of Being: Etheric, Astral, Corporeal
0117 A Remarkable New Discovery
0118 Mental Healing
0119 The Formation of Correct Images
0120 From Image to Thought
0121 Magnetic Treatment
0122 Image to Thought, Thought to Manifestation
0155 Six Anatomical Zones
0156 Electropsychometer
0166 Laws Governing the Change of Concepts
0167 Laws That Govern the Universe
0168 Chiropractic Salesmanship, Methods of Approach
0169 Chiropractic Salesmanship, Creating Interest
0170 Changing Interest into Desire: The Close
0171 Business Building: Nutrition
0172 Technique of Adjusting
0173 Zones 1 and 2
0174 Zones 3, 4, and 5
0175 Zones 6 and 7
0176 Out of Confusion Comes Order
0178 How to Manifest a Correct Image
MPC0001 Introduction to Greater Knowledge
MPC0003 Two Categories of Disease
MPC0005 General Information on Psychiatry
MPC0006 Chiropractic and Autosuggestion
MPC0008 Composite Personality
MPC0010 The Power Within You
MPC0011 Concept-Therapy Adjusting Technique
MPC0013 The Triangular Aspect
MPC0015 Out of Confusion Comes Order
MPC0021 Primary Urges
ST0001 Treat the Whole Man
ST0002 Types of Disorders
ST0003 General Information on Suggestive Therapy
ST0004 Chiropractic and Autosuggestion
ST0005 Factors of Personality
ST0006 Doctor-Patient Relationship
ST0007 Basic Concept
ST0008 Final Instruction

0182 Theories About God
0183 Theories About the Universe
0184 Law of Energy
0184A Two-Fold Expression of the “X”
0185 Applying the Seven Universal Laws
0186 What We Can Know About Death
0187 Value in All Religions
0188 Truths About Inner Planes
0189 The Difficulty New Ideas Encounter
0190 Evolutionary Process in the Afterlife
0191 Living The Life
0192 Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning
0193 Unveiled Truth and Ultimate Freedom
0193A Pyramiding the Life
0194 Eden and Its Symbolism
0195 Illumination: Its Price and Power
0196 Conventional Opinion
0197 The Changing World In in Which We Live
0198 Probation: First Step of Discipleship
0199 Enlightenment: Second Step
0200 Facing the Facts
0201 Wisdom that Exists in Human Illness
0202 Higher Development of the Soul
0203 Conditions of Discipleship
0204 The Rebellious Soul
0205 Soliloquy of a Serious Soul
B01 The Upper Path
B02 Through the Second Gate
B03 Religion & Right Reason
B04 Developing the Astral Sense
B05 Burning Off the Dross
B06 Attaining Higher Consciousness
B07A Proper Understanding
B07B Overcoming the Opposites
B08 Law of Rhythm
B09 Secret of the One Life
B10 The Light of the Temple
C01 A New Truth
C02 Forming a Correct Idea or Image
C03 Truth in Fantasy
C04 For the Soul Who Wants To Go Higher
C05 Convention Preview
C06 The Eternal Soul and Peace
C07A This Unknown Power
C07B Degrees of Attainment
C08A Fundamental Principles of What We Teach
C08B Cosmic Consciousness
C09A The Collective Voice of Man & The Big Idea
C09B Degrees of Consciousness
C10 Musings

J0105 Line of Action
J0110 The Christening (Pathseeker Building)
J0114 Introduction to Phase 6 (Part 1)
J0115 Introduction to Phase 6 (Part 2)
J0116 Devotion to the “X”
J0117 For Doctors of Suggestive Therapy Class, Part 1
J0117A For Doctors of SuggestiveTherapy Class, Part 2
J0118 Preview to Phase 6
J0119 Priming the Pump, Part 1
J0119A Priming the Pump, Part 2
J0120 Glimpses of Phase 6
J0121 Origin of Concept-Therapy
J0121A Benefits of Concept-Therapy and Conceptology
J0122 Strange Coincidences
J0124 Treasure Chest of Life
J0137 Images
J0138 Worlds
J0146 As We Believe
J0147 As We Know
J0154 The Initiation Process
J0155 Glimpse of the Fourth Dimension
J0159 How to Express the One Life
J0160 Whiz Bomb of Thought
J0165 One Life, Part 1
J0166 One Life, Part 2
J0167 New Plan, Part 1
J0168 New Plan, Part 2
J0170 Blackjack 21
J0171 What Can a Person Expect Who Studies C-T and Understands It?
J0172 How Does the “X” Secure Unity Through Diversity?
J0173 Word Was Made Flesh
J0176 Three Planes of Healing
J0177 Sowing and Reaping
J0194 Principles of Suggestive Therapy
J0195 Principles of Suggestive Therapy
J0210 From Doubt to Wisdom
J0217 Security + Peace = Happiness
J0235 Preview of 1966 Convention – Time for Decision
J0242 Go for Broke
J0243 Cause of Disease
J0244 How Functional Diseases Originate
J0245 A New Policy
J0246 The Cause of Disease, Part 1
J0246A Cause Of Disease, Part 2
J0248 Time for Action
J0250 Suggestive Therapy in a Nutshell, Part 1
J0251 Suggestive Therapy in a Nutshell, Part 2
J0252 Welcome to the Ranch
J0253 One Life, Many Lives
J0254 The One and the Many
J0275 Evolution
J0276 Truth
J0283 Secrets of the Higher Consciousness, Part 1
J0283A Secrets of the Higher Consciousness, Part 2
J0291 Food Secrets, Part 1
J0291A Food Secrets, Part 2
J0297 California Informative Lecture
J0299 Toward the Fourth Dimension

0095 Glimpses of the Higher Work
0096 Journey into Higher Consciousness
0097 Life Is One, Part 1
0097A Life Is One, Part 2
0098 Explanation of Future Plans, Part 1
0099 Explanation of Future Plans, Part 2
0278 Opening Address
0316 One Life (Exoteric)
0317 How to Express the One Life (Exoteric)
0319 A Man Found a Treasure in a Field
0322 Voice of the Seeker
0330 Revitalizing the Whole Man
0339 Surprise Lecture
0701A R Three Aspects Of God–Dr Thurman Fleet
0701B R Way To Live–Dr Thurman Fleet
0702A Preliminary to Phase 7 ( Part 1)
0702B Preliminary to Phase 7 (Part 2)
0703A Road to Cosmic Consciousness
0703B Toward the Goal of Unity
0704 Dedication, Why?
0705A Lift Off into Orbit
0705B Above the Pull of the Third Dimension
0706 Final Message Before Convention
0707A Correct Starting Point for a Thinker
0707B Fourth Dimensional Precepts (1972 Ranch Lecture) Dr. Thurman Fleet
0708 Master the Evil Emotions
0709A Use Your God-Given Reason
0709B The High Road
0710 Karma
0711 Gain Freedom
0712 Fourth-Dimensional Viewpoint
0713 Cellar to Garret
0714 The Future
0715 Funny Face
0717 Message to Phase 7 Graduates
0718 The Alpha and Omega for Phase 7
0719A Civic Center Dedication, Part 1
0720 Daisy and Think
0722A On the Road to Eternity, Part 1
0722B On the Road to Eternity, Part 2
0723A Voice Calling Out of the Void
0724A Explanation of Metaphysical Theory
0724B Explanation of Scientific Truth
0725A Dawn Appears
0725B Coming of the Light
0726A Difference Between Third and Fourth Dimensions
0726B Proper Use of the Law of Relativity
0728 Building Dimensions of Knowledge
0732A How to Use Cosmic Power, Part 1
0732B How to Use Cosmic Power, Part 2
0733A Out of Chaos
0734A An Idea Whose Time Has Come
0735 The Cosmic Route Explained
0736A Oneness, Part 1
0736B Oneness, Part 2
0737A Glimpses of Two Lessons in Cosmic Principles 2, Part 1
0737B Glimpses of Cosmic Principles 2, Part 2
0738A Deductive Reasoning on Christianity
0738B Inductive Reasoning on Christianity
0740 President’s Reception @ 1976 Convention
0741 Way Up on the Path
0743A The Need to Create Fourth-Dimensional Brain Cells
0743B Difference Between Third- and Fourth-Dimensional Reasoning
0744A Why We Teach Concept-Therapy
0744B Explanation of Concept-Therapy to Joe Doe
0745A Chiropractic Approach to Psychosomatic and Poisoned Conditions
0745B Faith: The Basis for Cure
0747 Basis for Correct Thinking
0768 The Lost Truth
0777B Dr. Dill’s Memorial
0821 Taped Message
0823 Convention Message
0842 Message to Convention Speakers
0869 A New Age Is Here
0870 “Unpublished” 22 Minutes
0871 Ark of Truth
0875 Original Explanation of Laws of LIfe
0879 Living on Borrowed Time
0880 Black and White Forces
0884 Glimpses of the Fourth Dimension
0900A Instructions on Symbolism
0934A Concept-Therapy Summary (Part1)
0934B Concept-Therapy Summary (Part 2)
0934C Concept-Therapy Summary (Part 3)
0969 Eternal Principles
PS0059 A Special Taped Message
PS012 Conscious Life After Death–Dr Thurman Fleet
TC0001 Great Need for Teachers
TC0006 A Vision of the Future
TC0018 Advertising Program by the Institute
TC0023 Policy Booklet, Information on AST
TC0065 Great Potential Future in Teaching
TC0087 Eternal Principles

BG0001 Cosmic Truth and Error
BG0002 Gloom of Arjuna
BG0003 One Life Principle
BG0004 Call to Duty
BG0005 The Trinity
BG0006 Renunciation, The Bewildered Soul
BG0007 Nature of the Universe
BG0008 Man’s Relation to the Universe
BG0009 Pleasure-Pain Principle
BG0010 Knowing of Manifest Divinity
BG0011 One Life Identification
BG0012 Summary of the Gita
BG0013 The Triune Aspect of Deity
BG0014 Explanation of the Highest Power
BG0015 Why Things Happen
BG0016 Esoteric Meaning of the Story of Noah
BG0017 Man’s Inner Nature
BG0018 Perfection of the Divine Nature
BG0019 The Peace of the One Life
BG0020 Purpose of the Gita and Concept-Therapy: Self-Realization

X0002 The Collective Voice of Man
X0005 Duality
X0007 Evolution of Consciousness
X0008 Spirit and Soul
X0009 The Mind
X0011 Factors of Personality
X0013 Basic Concept
X0015 Becoming of the Faculties
X0018 Introduction to Natural Laws
X0024 Power of the Mind Over the Body
X0025 Preview of Ideas to be in Phase 7: Originating Spirit of Life
X0026 Last Talk to Staff
X0027 The Battle of the Human Soul
X0028 The Prodigal Son
X0030 Chitty Chatty
X0032 A Treasure Found in a Field
X0033 Beamer Questions
X0034 Chaotic Conditions
X0042 Preview of Early Convention Lecture
X0044 Random Thoughts

MPC0017 Becoming of the Faculties–Dr Fleet
MPC0019 Formation of Correct Images–Dr Fleet
PS0002 The Thinker–Dr Fleet
PS0003 Life–Dr Fleet
PS0003A Life (Continued)–Dr Fleet
PS0005 Giving Up the Lower Life–Dr Fleet
PS0006 Concerning the Upper Path–Dr Fleet
PS0007 Worlds – Yours, Mine, and God’s–Dr Fleet
PS0008 Traveler Toward the Upper Path and Sowing & Reaping–Dr Fleet
PS0009 God–Dr Fleet
PS0010 Beliefs About God–Dr Fleet
PS0011 The Living of Life & Prayer–Dr Fleet
PS0013 Unveling the Dr Fleet Portrait–Delia Fleet
PS0019 Pathseeker Theme Song & Explanation–Dr Fleet
PS0020 Devotion to the “X”–Dr Fleet
PS0026 Opening the 1964 Convention, Glimpse of Phase 6 (1964)–Dr Thurman Fleet
PS0027 Phase 6 Preview (1964)–Dr Thurman Fleet
PS0028 One Life–Dr Fleet
PS0030 Treasure Found in a Field–Dr Fleet
PS0032 MessageTo Pathseekers–Dr Fleet
PS0047 Message to Pathseekers–Dr Fleet
X0037 Thoughts on CPII
X0039 Divine Control vs Human Freedom
X0043 The Mind

PT0001 Rays of the Light
PT0002 Put Your Reason to a Test
PT0003 Test Your Capacity for Logical Reasoning
PT0004 Vibration, Its Importance
PT0005 Corporeal, Astral, and Etheric Worlds
PT0006 Fourth Dimensional Philosphy that Became Religions
PT0007 Glimpse of the Fifth Dimensional Truth
PT0008 Hearing the Voice


This humongous collection of Dr Fleet talks contains all of the preceding Dr Fleet collections at the best price imaginable. This is the largest and most affordable offering we have ever made outside of the entire CTI library. Only Dr Fleet’s complete class recordings have been withheld, and they are all available in the CTI class graduates recommended lists.