Psychiatric Principles Applied
Dawson Team
Weldon CA
August 18-20, 2023
In-Person and Virtual


Live Class Only

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Class Times

Fri 9 am-9 pm PST
Sat 8 am-9 pm PST
Sun 8 am-9 pm PST

Psychiatric Principles Applied is designed to introduce principles that enable you to better understand yourself. That self strives to express through the reasoning mind, and until you are aware of the principles involved, you stand defenseless and open to all kinds of influences and suggestions. Psychiatric Principles Applied has not been offered for a number of years, so please consider joining us in San Antonio (or online) for this terrific presentation of Dr. Fleet’s original Psychiatric Therapy course containing all the metaphysical and philosophical “gems” from Dr. Fleet!

Prerequisites: Concept-Therapy, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3

For youth 12 years and younger, the price is $100, and for full-time students in accredited schools middle school and up, including college and trade schools, the price is $180. For families and businesses with multiple members taking the class at the same time, tuition is $390 for the first family or business member and $180 for each family or business member taking the class at the same time.

NOTE: IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS NOT CURRENT, YOU MAY RENEW THROUGH THE STORE IN THE MEMBERSHIP SECTION OR CALL CTI AT 210.698.2254. Once you have enrolled by purchasing the class through the store, you will receive an email from CTI with a link to your online class instructions.



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Additional information

Course Tuition

New 1st Family or Business Member $390, New Each Additional Family or Business Member $180, New Full Time Accredited Middle School Up Student $180, New 12 Years or Younger $100, Review Dues Current $150