Phase 5 – Mattox/Alexander Team 2021 in HD


Phase 5 introduces a new dimension of consciousness, a system of knowledge usually referred to as COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. The instruction enables you to explore the esoteric principles of Truth in order to advance in consciousness and apply those principles in life. You will understand the need for developing the inner faculties. Phase 5 instructs you to develop the faculty of Perception, in particular, which allows you to become aware of your REAL INNER SELF, no longer needing an outside authority for guidance or instruction. This development enables use of the inner faculties, or senses, more each day. In Phase 5 Dr. Fleet condensed, correlated, and transmitted the Wisdom of the Ages in such a practical way; this is one of the most desirable and helpful courses in all metaphysics and philosophy.

Prerequisites: Concept-Therapy; Phase 1; Phase 2; Phase 3; Phase 4

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