Phase 4 – Mattox/Alexander/Buse 2019 in HD


Phase 4 presents the basic principles and guidelines for you to advance from a selfish, materially-oriented existence to an understanding of, and lawful service to, the ONE LIFE.This course is considered a bridge between two Worlds: the Outer and the Inner, or the Lower and the Higher Paths of Consciousness. Study of Phase 4 will lead you to a period of training and self-discipline where you gain a NEW aspect of knowledge enabling you to view life as it really is, not as it simply appears to be. Using this new knowledge, you are able to lawfully differentiate the REAL from the FALSE, the Illusionary World from the World of Reality. By the examination of certain fundamental principles, you learn to organize your thinking and classify knowledge according to fantasy, theory or fact, so you are able to differentiate between these three types of knowledge. You are able to give up fantasy for theory, to give up theory for fact. You learn the TEN RULES which prepare you to continue your evolution in consciousness. Phase 4 constitutes a steppingstone to the Higher Knowledge which blends into Wisdom.

Prerequisites: Concept-Therapy; Phase 1; Phase 2; Phase 3

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