Phase 2 Alexander/Buse/Mattox – Dallas, TX Team Mar 1, 2019


Class Times
Fri 6pm-10pm
Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 9am-5pm

In Phase 2 you will study the INNER SELF as a stepping stone to Self-Knowledge. You will learn how the power of the subconscious can be used to work for you instead of against you. Phase 2 presents a number of practical techniques for opening the door to the subconscious mind so you may neutralize negative and limiting concepts and emotions in order to enjoy greater health, happiness, success and peace of mind.

To make this class more affordable for youth, students, families, and businesses, tuition for new students is reduced as follows: For youth 12 years and younger, the price is $100, and for full time students in accredited schools middle school and up, including college and trade schools, the price is $150. For families and businesses with multiple members taking the class at the same time, tuition is $325 for the first family or business member, and $150 for each family or business member taking the class at the same time.

Prerequisites: Concept-Therapy; Phase 1

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Course Tuition

New 1st Family or Business Member $325, New Each Additional Family or Business Member $150, New Full Time Accredited Middle School Up Student $150, New 12 Years or Younger $100, Review Dues Current $125