Phase 1 For Pathseekers Mattox/Alexander/Buse 2022 HD


Class Times
Thr 9am-5:50pm
After each of the Concept-Therapy for Pathseekers classes were taught in 2006 and 2021, there has been a flood of requests for a Phase One for Pathseekers class. Therefore, after much planning and discussion, the Mattox-Alexander-Buse Team is pleased to announce a first-ever Conceptology Phase One class taught from the Pathseeker point of view on September 1-2-3-4, 2022 (Labor Day weekend).

This 27-hour class has been carefully designed and will be focused on and taught from the Upper Path point of view. This class emphasizes the ESOTERIC (inner, hidden, secret) aspect of Phase One and not so much the exoteric (evident, obvious). While the entire text will be presented and explained, those explanations will be more on the “WHY” (principles) versus the “HOW” (methods) of the various textual examples and demonstrations.
Mornings and afternoons are lecture periods, and evenings are free except for optional SLUMPs. Phase One for Pathseekers is open to all Beamers who are members in good standing of the PATHSEEKER organization.

Since this is a NEW class, tuition for students will be the standard NEW tuition rate of $390 and $180 for additional family members ($180 for students). There are no reviews, as this class has never been taught before. The textbook will be the current 2002 edition of the Conceptology, Phase One text.