Concept-Therapy Zone Healing – Dr. Klingbail – October 26 – November 11 – Zoom Only


Class Times
October 26 9am – Noon Central Time
October 28 9am – Noon Central Time
November 2 9am -Noon Central Time
November 4 9am -Noon Central Time
November 9 9am -Noon Central Time
November 11 9am -Noon Central Time

Concept-Therapy is a philosophy of life based on the idea that our lives are profoundly influenced by the ideas, or concepts, stored in our minds. The Concept-Therapy course explains the part concepts play and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage. In this foundation course, you will learn ways of working with your own concepts, because you can change your thinking patterns. Concept-Therapy offers practical, logical tools you can use to bring about health, happiness, success, and peace of mind.

Prerequisites: None


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Course Tuition

New 1st Family or Business Member $390, New Each Additional Family or Business Member $180, New Full Time Accredited Middle School Up Student $180, New 12 Years or Younger $100, Review Dues Current $150