Basic Principles – Alexander/Buse/Mattox Team in HD 2020


Basic Principles is a logical explanation of the THREE ASPECTS you may use to easily analyze your own knowledge to see if it comes under the heading of FANTASY, THEORY, or FACT. Basic Principles deals with systems of thought throughout the ages; religion, philosophy, science, healing, etc. Everyone has basic, foundational ideas, however these may not be true or complete. In this course, sixteen basic or FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS are presented. These truths, if thoroughly understood and mastered, become the steps to greater knowledge, understanding, and wisdomupon which the evolution of consciousness rests. In addition, you will discover a guide for reasoningso you may sift through the confusing information in the various fields of thought to find accurateanswers. You may be astonished at what will be revealed, but you will then have the key.

Prerequisites: Concept-Therapy; Phases 1;Phase 2; Phase 3


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